20 years ago I used to love painting "little metal men" and playing the very first edition of what was to become the hugely successful Warhammer 40K game, so recently I decided to revisit my youth. So far this has consisted of going out and buying some minis, and then wonderful-wife going out and buying ALL THE MINIS IN THE WORLD, and a selection of paints and brushes. With a couple of hours each weekend to paint them, this is going to take a while. There they sit in the corner now... looking at me... judging me... Anyway, one thing that I've found motivational is the wealth of pictures and "how to" guides on other painters' blogs, so I decided to post some of my own humble efforts here. Hope you like 'em.

Sunday, 30 October 2011

I painted and ork (and I liked it...)

Big news... Mrs Doggles paints her first ork!

Not bad eh? - I may be biased, but considering this is her first ever miniature, I'd say it's pretty marvellous... I'm so proud!

I painted the same mini alongside her so that I could give her some pointers, so here's a pic of the two of them side-by-side:

There's not a huge amount of difference between the two of them is there? The only problem now is that I'll find it hard to shoot at him...

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

New marines WIP

Trying to be patient and forcing myself to put this new Tac Squad together after the bits have been painted is quite testing... - finally got the arms on some of them now after painting the bodies fully:

Here's how I now paint heads - I drill a little hole in the bottom and mount them on a cocktail stick - the champagne cork provides a nice easy-to-grab handle (and a little bourgeois style...)

I've found this a lot easier to be honest. Heads on sticks all lined up ready to go:

Hopefully have some more finished stuff in the next post- keep rollin' them sixes folks :o)

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

More from Warhammer World

Some random pics from the miniatures hall for your delectation, marines up first: