20 years ago I used to love painting "little metal men" and playing the very first edition of what was to become the hugely successful Warhammer 40K game, so recently I decided to revisit my youth. So far this has consisted of going out and buying some minis, and then wonderful-wife going out and buying ALL THE MINIS IN THE WORLD, and a selection of paints and brushes. With a couple of hours each weekend to paint them, this is going to take a while. There they sit in the corner now... looking at me... judging me... Anyway, one thing that I've found motivational is the wealth of pictures and "how to" guides on other painters' blogs, so I decided to post some of my own humble efforts here. Hope you like 'em.

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Altansar Eldar

These have been languishing in the box for far too long now, so I thought I'd start off by finishing what I started with the guardians. The weapon platform has been posted before, but I've updated the basing to match my marines:

Looks a bit better I think.

Followed this up with a helmet-less squad leader:

I'm quite pleased with the way this guy turned out. Compared with the marines, this is a lighter flesh tone (done with Elf Flesh, washed with ogryn flesh, then highlighted back up with more Elf Flesh, then mixtures of Elf Flesh and Bleached Bone). I actually managed to grow a little patience this time and paint the head and arms separately before assembly. This makes life a lot easier and the paintwork look cleaner.

Blood red used to be my least favourite colour, because it seemed a little thin / transparent. Nowadays it's my favourite colour, precisely because it's a little thin. I'm learning the lesson that in the past I was not diluting my paints enough, and getting a blobby finish. Much better to have thinner paint and use several layers of it to build up to a smoother finish. The Blood Red on the squad leader here is washed with Devlan Mud, then slowly highlighted back up with more Blood Red - just the two colours but it gives a nice smooth burnished look.

These Eldar Guardians are really easy to paint up (I'm really enjoying these - should do more Eldar) so I should get the rest of the squad posted here soon.

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