20 years ago I used to love painting "little metal men" and playing the very first edition of what was to become the hugely successful Warhammer 40K game, so recently I decided to revisit my youth. So far this has consisted of going out and buying some minis, and then wonderful-wife going out and buying ALL THE MINIS IN THE WORLD, and a selection of paints and brushes. With a couple of hours each weekend to paint them, this is going to take a while. There they sit in the corner now... looking at me... judging me... Anyway, one thing that I've found motivational is the wealth of pictures and "how to" guides on other painters' blogs, so I decided to post some of my own humble efforts here. Hope you like 'em.

Monday, 19 December 2011

Dusty bin...

Where's Ted Rogers?  3...2...1...

Killa Kans for addition to the ork force:

Love these - they're hilarious models (and big too), and great fun to paint. I thought it was high time I started shifting these off the painting table because I'm hoping that Santa will be kind this year (unless I'm on the naughty list, you never know...).

More to follow soon.


  1. That looks terrific! I have a set of Kans I am going to paint in the near future.
    How did you get that type of yellow?

  2. Thankyou! - the yellow is done like this:
    1. Basecoat of Iyanden Darksun
    2. Lightly wash with Gryphonne Sepia
    3. Mid tone a mixture of Iyanden Darksun and Sunburst Yellow, just leaving the sepia in the deepest recesses.
    4. Building up through the highlights with Sunburst yellow. Dilute the yellow quite well and apply as a bunch of smooth coats - let each coat dry properly before applying the next or you'll pull big holes in it.
    5. When you've got a nice smooth rich yellow, finish with edge highlighting and pick out the very tips of nuts and bolts etc with a mix of the yellow and some skull white.

    Hope this helps - I'll be posting some more Killa Kans soon so stay tuned - would love to see yours when they're done :o)