20 years ago I used to love painting "little metal men" and playing the very first edition of what was to become the hugely successful Warhammer 40K game, so recently I decided to revisit my youth. So far this has consisted of going out and buying some minis, and then wonderful-wife going out and buying ALL THE MINIS IN THE WORLD, and a selection of paints and brushes. With a couple of hours each weekend to paint them, this is going to take a while. There they sit in the corner now... looking at me... judging me... Anyway, one thing that I've found motivational is the wealth of pictures and "how to" guides on other painters' blogs, so I decided to post some of my own humble efforts here. Hope you like 'em.

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Puppy dogs and Titans!

Who could possibly resist a title like that?

Jasper now has an entire page of this blog dedicated to him! here - because he's got to be in there somewhere (he pokes his nose into everything else after all), but it doesn't make sense to keep posting pics of a little fluffy puppy in an otherwise painting / gaming related blog. So if you need a dose of cheeky cuteness, there you go (what's the betting that he attracts more hits to the site than all the painting articles combined?)

In other news - Oh-my-god-I-bought-a-titan!!! - Eldar Revenant from ForgeWorld to be precise. This large project will also have its own page. Will post updates in the main blog but keep an archive of the process of putting this monster together here.

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