20 years ago I used to love painting "little metal men" and playing the very first edition of what was to become the hugely successful Warhammer 40K game, so recently I decided to revisit my youth. So far this has consisted of going out and buying some minis, and then wonderful-wife going out and buying ALL THE MINIS IN THE WORLD, and a selection of paints and brushes. With a couple of hours each weekend to paint them, this is going to take a while. There they sit in the corner now... looking at me... judging me... Anyway, one thing that I've found motivational is the wealth of pictures and "how to" guides on other painters' blogs, so I decided to post some of my own humble efforts here. Hope you like 'em.

Monday, 28 March 2011

Land Raider WIP Part 2

Work continues on the mighty Land Raider.

Step 4: Construction begins! - With the cabin interior done and most of the major bits of bodywork in a reasonable state, it's time to start putting this beast together. There are actually quite a few moving parts on many of the GW models nowadays, and the Land Raider is no exception. There's a rather neat mechanism for the front hatches for instance, but I'm not too keen on the interior sliding door at the side though.

Oops - bit of a smudge on the top hatch there but that'll be easy enough to sort out later. I was originally going to stencil / airbrush the insignia onto the side but I think it might actually be better freehand - depends how brave I'm feeling.

Next job is to get those lascannons bolted onto the sides - I'll be mounting these towards the rear of the vehicle - no special reason for this, I just think it looks better. I'll also be using the gunner / commander figures in this kit because if I'm bothering to make a good job of a tank this large, then I might as well cram as much interest / detail on there as possible. That's all for this week I think - back with more when I've got those complicated-looking guns in place.

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